Episode 3 -Improving the Workplace with Analysis and Solutions-

Episode 3 -Improving the Workplace with Analysis and Solutions-

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Since 2016, the technical center has been using digital technology such as CAE and CAM to improve machining efficiency and troubleshoot customer problems.

Improvements in machining, which were conventionally made based on the intuition and experience of skilled engineers, can be objectively determined from numerical data obtained through the use of CAE and CAM.。The improvements we have proposed so far have been highly evaluated by our customers for their objectivity, and we are contributing to solving their problems such as tool chipping and reduction of machining time.

Chip analysis

Chip analysis can analyze chip geometry, flow direction, cutting resistance, and stress distribution, etc. We use it to propose the optimum cutting conditions and cutting edge geometry to our customers.

Visualization of cutting resistance

By visualizing the cutting force of the machining path, we diagnoses whether the tool is under abnormal load and propose the optimum tool path to solve machining problems such as chipping and fracture.

Rigidity analysis

By visualizing the deformation and stress of tools and workpieces during machining, we confirm whether they have sufficient rigidity and strength for machining.

Fluid analysis

Coolant flow analysis is used to determine if the cutting edge is properly cooled and it is used for preventing tool wear.

Tool path improvement / Proposal

We are capable of proposing optimum tool paths for various types of machining: machining on 3-axis or 5-axis machines, and machining with square end mill and special tools such as a barrel end mill. We have many achievements in improving machining lines, such as shortening cycle time and improving machining quality, so we can propose optimal tool paths based on our extensive know-how.

Tool path improvement / Proposal

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