About MITSUBISHI MATERIALS Policy and Initiative to Sustainability
Sustainability Report

This is an "example of the environemental mark" certified by the Japan Cutting & Wear-resistant Tool Association.
For details about the display, please refer to the"Evaluation Criteria"at the bottom.

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Evaluation Criteria

Score Table for Environmentally Friendly Products

  Evaluation Categories Mark
New Product
(60 points)
Tool Life Expectancy (20% higher than Top Runner) 15
Reduction of Customer's Environmental Impact 15
Energy Savings during the Manufacturing of New Product 5
Waste during the Manufacturing of New Product 5
Use of Hazardous Substances during Manufacturing of New Product (PRTR) 5
Weight Reduction (shape, multi-face cutting, etc.) 5
Hazardous Substances Contained in New Product 5
Rare Metals Contained in New Product 5
(40 points)
Procurement Stage (green purchasing/ procurement, education etc.) 10
Manufacturing Stage (energy saving/ waste/ chemical substances, etc.) 15
Packaging Materials (improved recycling rate) 5
Logistics (use of low-emission vehicles, ISO14001 suppliet) 5
Disposal/ Recycling (collection of waste tools/ containers, etc.) 5
Total 100

Evaluation Criteria for Environmental Mark

Environmentally Friendly Products
80 points or greater
79 - 60 points
59 - 40 points
Not Certified Less than 40 points