Available database of cutting tools (ISO 13399 compliance)

1. What is ISO 13399?

International standard with Cutting tool data representation and exchange.
Cutting tools are required to have parameters up to the world standards like in the regulation of the database and CAD data. Another purpose of ISO 13399 is to establish smooth data communication between systems.

2. Purpose

Troublesome conversion with the manufacturers is unnecessary when you have cutting tool data that complies with ISO 13399. This can then be imported to PLM, CAM, CAM, CNC, or even as a tool management system.
Mitsubishi Materials offers cutting tool data based on ISO 13399 to support effectively improved qualityand cost reduction effi ciency in your improved threading and new products creation.

3. Dimension symbols conforming to ISO 13399

As shown below, new dimension symbols complying with ISO 13399.

Examples of change in dimensions

3. Dimension symbols conforming to ISO 13399

4. CAD (ISO13399 compliance)

As shown below, DXF (2 dimensions) and STEP (3 dimensions) data complying with ISO 13399 are updated regularly to the Web CATALOG.

1. DXF (Full layer)

2. DXF (CUT/NO CUT layer)

3. STEP data (details, insert assembled model)

4. STEP data (simple model)

* CAD is updated regularly. However, in rare cases, it may not be possible to provide the desired product.
Please consult us.