Published: October 1, 2022
Last updated: May 17, 2023

As Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, a company registered in Japan (collectively, “Mitsubishi Materials”, “we”, “our”, “us”), operate the website (, including its subdomain and its subdirectories (collectively, “our website”, “this website”)), and provide you with our services, we collect, store, use, generate and transfer (collectively, “process”) personal information about you. When we process your personal information, we respect your right with privacy and undertake to comply with applicable data protection laws in each country, including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan (the “APPI”). Below is our privacy policy on how we process and protect your personal information.

We may provide further details required by applicable data protection laws in appendix(cies). In the event of a conflict between this privacy policy and the appendix(cies), the appendix(cies) shall control to the extent of such conflict.


We, Mitsubishi Materials, are in charge of processing your personal information on this website.


We collect the following categories of your personal information:

  • Your account information to use MyPage function in our website, including user ID and password;
  • Your basic personal information to identify you and contact you, including name, gender, date of birth, email address, phone number, residential address, company name, title, and name of educational institution if you are a student;
  • Your interaction with our website, including browsing history, Internet Protocol address (IP address), login history, the country to which your IP address corresponds;
  • Details of your inquiries and subsequent interaction with us; and
  • Other personal information that we collect through the use of our website.


We collect your personal information directly from you in a variety of contexts through our website, including:

  • When you register an account to use MyPage function;
  • When you interact with our website;
  • When you make inquiries; and
  • When you register to attend exhibitions of our products, other marketing events, or recruiting events.

We may also indirectly collect personal information from Google, which is the provider of web analytics services about the usage of the website (Google Analytics) or from Geolocation Technology, which is the IP geolocation database provider.

There may be circumstances in which your provision of personal information to us is required, including where it is necessary to enter into and perform agreements with us and where it is pursuant to obligations under applicable laws or regulations. If you do not provide us with information that is so required or the information that you provide to us is inaccurate, it is possible that you will not be able to use the website’s services, including the MyPage function, making inquiries, and registration to our events. 


We process your personal information described above for the following purposes (Within the scope necessary for each purpose, including provision to respective recipients in section 9 below.):

  • Managing and protecting your account;
  • Personalizing (including the analysis of your pursuits, interests, and needs) information we provide to you about our services and products based on your interaction with our website;
  • Operating sales and marketing activities (including marketing activities using analysis of your pursuits, interests, and needs);
  • Processing your transaction;
  • Improving the quality of our products, services, contents of our website, and your experience with our website(including improving quality using analysis of your pursuits, interests, and needs);
  • Developing (including planning and development using analysis of your pursuits, interests, and needs) our new products and services;
  • Responding to your inquiries;
  • Detecting, investigating and/or preventing unauthorized, fraudulent or illegal activity; and
  • Protecting our legitimate interest.


We usually don’t collect sensitive categories of your personal information (e.g., racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, health data), as defined under applicable data protection laws and regulations. If we cannot avoid collecting sensitive categories of your personal information, we will take the necessary measures according to applicable laws and regulations to obtain consent, etc. from you.


This website is not intended for those under 16 years of age. If we need to collect the personal information of a child, we will take the necessary measures according to applicable laws and regulations such as obtaining the consent of the parent or legal guardian.

7.COOKIES, etc.

Cookie is a small text file that our website sends to your terminal device for the purpose of keeping certain records. Local storage is likewise structured such that information is stored on your terminal’s browsers in order to keep certain records.
By using cookies, etc.:

  1. Your terminal devices (e.g. browsers) remember your preferences (e.g. language used), activities (e.g. login status), and product information registered on your list on our website, so that we can deliver a personalized and better user experience on our website (essential cookies, etc.); and
  2. We can keep track of your interaction with our website, giving us useful and important insight for improving our website and delivering personalized information that is more likely to be of your interest (performance cookies, etc.).

Where applicable laws and regulations require us to obtain your consent to our setting cookies, etc., we request you to provide such consent. 

8.RETENTION (how long do we retain your personal information?)

We retain your personal information described above as long as it is necessary for the purposes described above and consistent with applicable laws and regulations. In order to determine the appropriate term for the retention of personal information, we will give consideration to the volume, nature, and confidentiality of the personal information, the potential risk of damage from improper use or disclosure of the personal information, the purposes of us processing the personal information and whether those purposes can be achieved another way, and the applicable legal requirements. We destroy or delete your personal information collected when we no longer need it, in accordance with applicable data protection laws and our established procedures.

9.DISCLOSURE (who do we share your personal information with?)

As shown in the table below, we disclose certain categories of your personal information in so far as necessary for the purposes described above to the respective recipients.

Categories of personal data to be disclosed Recipients Country of establishment of the recipients
Registration information when registering an account and details on inquiries Local Mitsubishi Material entity(ies) and/or local distributor(s) who we need to share your personal information with to respond to your inquires – you can see our group entities and distributors in each region at Available in the same webpage
Registration information when registering an account, details of interaction with our website, and your inquiries Salesforce, our marketing automation service (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, formerly Pardot) provider USA
Your interaction with our website Our web-analytics service providers (Google Analytics*), including Google, and our IP geolocation database provider, Geolocation Technology Google: USA

Geolocation Technology: Japan
Your personal information retained in our website access log Mitsubishi Materials Corporation and NTT Data Frontier, our contractor that assists us in operating our website


Where the respective recipients are data processors who process data on behalf of us, we make sure that such data processors have in place appropriate data protection measures by virtue of data processing contracts between such processors and us in compliance with applicable data protection laws.

*Regarding Google Analytics

For details about how Google Analytics gathers and uses information, please refer to: If you wish to stop Google Analytics’ use, please access:


Where our disclosure of your personal information as described in section 9 above constitutes cross border transfer of personal information as defined by applicable data protection laws, we request you to give us consent thereto, or otherwise take appropriate data protection measures as required by applicable data protection laws.


We appoint a person in charge of data protection in each department which processes personal information, keep personal information accurate and up to date, and take reasonable measures to protect your personal information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. We establish internal rules for processing personal information, ensure our employees, including directors, officers, full-time and part-time employees, and temporary workers, are informed of the rules, and implement, maintain and continuously update the rules.


Provided that certain conditions are met, you have certain rights with your personal information as set out in applicable data protection laws. The examples of such legal rights are:

  • Right to access - You have the rights to make an inquiry, to review and to request us for copies of your personal information we hold;
  • Right to rectification - You have the right to request us to correct any of your personal information we hold which you believe is inaccurate. You also have the right to request us to complete your personal information we hold which you believe is incomplete;
  • Right to erasure - You have the right to request that we erase your personal information, under certain conditions;
  • Right to restrict processing - You have the right to request that we restrict the processing of your personal information, under certain conditions.
  • Right to object to processing - You have the right to object to our processing of your personal information, under certain conditions.
  • Right to withdraw consent - You have the right to withdraw your consent where the legal basis for the handling of your personal information is consent. When you have withdrawn your consent, the effect of treatment performed prior to your withdrawal of consent is not impacted.

If you make such request, we will respond to your request within a reasonable time period as set out in applicable data protection laws. 
If you would like to exercise any of these rights, or if you have any inquiries about your rights, please contact us using the contact information in section 14 below.


You can lodge complaints about our way of processing your personal information with data protection supervisory authorities.


For further information and inquiry, please contact:

Global Communication Sect.
Marketing Dept.
Business Strategy Div.
E-Mail :
Inquiry form URL :



If we amend this policy (including its appendix(cies)), we are able to amend the policy in whole or in part, or add to it, by notifying you by posting on the website, sending emails to you, or by some other methods that we determine to be appropriate (where there is a required method under applicable laws or regulations, pursuant to that method). 
In such case, the amended policy will be applied from the earlier of the date on which you first access the website after receipt of the notification and the date specified on the notification. 
If there are other necessary procedures under applicable laws of regulations, we will perform those procedures.


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