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Introduction to MTEC NC

Introduction to MTEC NC


On the Frontline of Mitsubishi Materials in the United States Maximum response to requests from customers in diverse industries in North Carolina

Mike Pace
Executive Director Marketing, Engineering and Business Development

The United States’ southeastern state of North Carolina is home to many manufacturers in the automobile, healthcare, aerospace, energy and general machining industries. One of the fastest-growing areas in the US, North Carolina is an attractive location to an increasingly wide range of customers. Understanding this, MTEC decided to relocate to this area to provide training and expand its solution services.

As part of its relocation, MTEC-NC significantly increased its capacity for training from 16 to 50 people and expanded its capability to machine a broader range of components as well as to demon­strate new products. In line with this expansion, a full-time medical industry solution and develop­ment team was created. Integrating Technical Support, Commercial Marketing and Product Marketing Teams at one facility, we created an environment capable of integrated management, from product development through to sales.

Our training covers a wide range of levels, from the basics of cutting tools, through to complex applica­tions and cost-performance products. Our Solution Team focuses on the improvement of operational efficiency throughout the whole machi­ning process to enhance individual compo­nents. This includes the optimization of CAD, CAM, CAE and the recommen­dation of the optimum tooling.

The Commercial Marketing Team works on impro­ving recognition of the DIAEDGE and MOLDINO brands using a wide variety of digital marketing tools. This team has significantly enhanced individual brand images over the past few years through the improvement of MTEC-NC machinery, top-level technical support and through cooperation with regional partners.

MTEC-NC has also established favourable and important partnerships with other organizations, which is one of its strong points and this plays a significant role in providing superior support to customers. We are capable of providing outstanding support, guidance and training to customers, visitors and employees. This includes suppliers of machinery, equipment, measurement devices and software, partners for transport, entertainment and accommodations.

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Jogendra Saxena / Senior Manager, Engineering


Leveraging extensive machining knowledge and experience accumulated over many years, the Solution Team continues innovation and development in cooperation with customers and partners in related industries. In addition, using cutting-edge CNC machines, high-function CAD, CAM, and CAE software, measurement devices and process analysis, the team provides digital machining solutions that deliver optimized productivity and an excellent cost-performance ratio. Utilizing its global network with group companies’ technical centres around the world, MTEC-NC improves and publicises knowledge and best practice in machining technologies to contribute to technological advancement. The Solution Team continues its close cooperation with the Sales Team and technical engineers to solve application problems for customers and the whole metal cutting industry.

In addition to its past activities, the team has significantly enhanced its functions and resources based on the use of digital tools, including the most recent 5 axis CNC machining centre operated by skilled and experienced engineers. This has enabled the team to quickly grasp trends and meet needs regarding components, work materials, and quality requirements in the healthcare, aerospace, automobile, mould and die and general engineering industries.

The solutions developed through an ongoing process of repeated trial and error bring advantages to customers through the selection of the latest-generation tools and optimized programming technology, to achieve shortened cycles and improved operation times. This ensures the development of solutions with high productivity, cost-effective production and outstanding performance at customers production sites.

The functions used for the solutions:
- Five-axis CNC Machining Centre: 1unit
- Five-axis Swiss-type CNC Machining Centre: 1 unit
- Three-axis CNC Vertical-type Machining Centre: 2 units
- CNC Turning Centre: 1 unit
- Measurement and Tool Setting Device
- Tool Management System
- CAD / CAM / CAE (Digital Tools)

Peter Dunster / Training & Technical Support Manager


Experience as a customer in manufacturing is extremely important for education and training. Introduction of new cutting tools and the provision of technical training for innovative applications are important for customers, engineers, designers, programmers, machining engineers, students and employees of MTEC.

MTEC periodically provides classes on machining technologies and training in manufacturing, targeting end users (customers), distributors, industrial partners and vocational school students. Its education program offers participants outstanding opportunities for study and the chance to establish networks while offering customised online training sessions that include webinars and live demonstrations using CNC machines. In-house programs include group sports and cultural activities in the evening.

The training programs cover the functions and benefits of new products used for productive manufacturing, application technology regarding the trends of machining materials and alloys in the applicable industry, best practice in cutting methods using CNC machines, identifying available machining technology space for production sites and many other practical demonstrations.

The Technical Support Hotline (via phone and e-mail) is another MTEC strength that provides continuous customer support through the provision of knowledge and information for the selection of cutting tools and rationalization of tooling, the optimization of support for machining data, application technologies and programming as well as the sharing of successful case studies.

Joe Dunn / Commercial Marketing & Operations Manager


The Commercial Marketing Team continuously strives to improve communication with both employees and customers. An important asset in maintaining and improving communication is the in-house intranet (dashboard). Dashboard functions include notifications from the company, messages from the president, news about the launch of new products, price lists and tool news (introduction of products). Furthermore, information about engineering, quality assurance and new-product request forms for the Project Team are always upgraded and publicised via each page.

To support approaches that improve communication, the Commercial Marketing Team uses a mail magazine function called Constant Contact for both employees and customers. Constant Contact allows the creation of high-quality e-mail formats, plus confirmation that messages have been received and read.

An important priority is social media. The team utilizes LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. With more than 31000 followers and 120000 visits annually, social media has become an effective marketing tool capable of widely publicising the team’s messages. To support approaches using both social media and e-mail marketing, the team also created some landing pages. Through these approaches, it was found that preparing a web address that includes all information is quite effective. Also used widely is the “mtectraining.info” to provide information about all training programmes, including webinars, online and on-site training.