List of Property Symbols Complying with ISO13399

Source : ISO13399 standard

ISO13399 Property Symbols Content
ADJLX adjustment limit maximum
ADJRG adjustment range
ALF clearance angle radial
ALP clearance angle axial
AN clearance angle major
ANN clearance angle minor
APMX depth of cut maximum
AS clearance angle wiper edge
ASP adjusting screw protrusion
AZ plunge depth maximum
B shank width
BBD balanced by design
BCH corner chamfer length
BD body diameter
BDX body diameter maximum
BHCC bolt hole circle count
BHTA body half taper angle
BMC body material code
BS wiper edge length
BSR wiper edge radius
CASC cartridge size code
CB chip breaker face count
CBDP connection bore depth
CBMD chip breaker manufacturers designation
CBP chip breaker property
CCMS connection code machine side
CCWS connection code workpiece side
CCP chamfer corner property
CDI insert cutting diameter
CDX cutting depth maximum
CEATC tool cutting edge angle type code
CECC cutting edge condition code
CEDC cutting edge count
CF spot chamfer
CHW corner chamfer width
CICT cutting item count
CNC corner count
CND coolant entry diameter
CNSC coolant entry style code
CNT coolant entry thread size
CP coolant pressure
CRE spot radius
CRKS connection retention knob thread size
CSP coolant supply property
CTP coating property
CTX cutting point translation X-direction
CTY cutting point translation Y-direction
CUTDIA work piece parting diameter maximum
CUB connection unit basis
CW cutting width
CWX cutting width maximum
CXD coolant exit diameter
CXSC coolant exit style code
CZC connection size code
D1 fixing hole diameter
DAH diameter access hole
DAXN axial groove outside diameter minimum
DAXX axial groove outside diameter maximum
DBC diameter bolt circle
DC cutting diameter
DCB connection bore diameter
DCBN connection bore diameter minimum
DCBX connection bore diameter maximum
DCC design configuration style code
DCCB counterbore diameter connection bore
DCIN cutting diameter internal
DCINN cutting diameter internal minimum
DCINX cutting diameter internal maximum
DCN cutting diameter minimum
DCON connection diameter
DCONMS connection diameter machine side
DCONWS connection diameter workpiece side
DCSC cutting diameter size code
DCSFMS contact surface diameter machine side
DCX cutting diameter maximum
DF flange diameter
DHUB hub diameter
DMIN minimum bore diameter
DMM shank diameter
DN neck diameter
DRVA drive angle
EPSR insert included angle
FHA flute helix angle
FHCSA fixing hole countersunk angle
FHCSD fixing hole countersunk diameter
FLGT flange thickness
FMT form type
FXHLP fixing hole property
GAMF rake angle radial
GAMN rake angle normal
GAMO rake angle orthogonal
GAMP rake angle axial
GAN insert rake angle
H shank height
HA thread height theoretical
HAND hand
HBH head bottom offset height
HBKL head back offset length
HBKW head back offset width
HBL head bottom offset length
HC thread height actual
HF functional height
HHUB hub height
HTB body height
IC inscribed circle diameter
IFS insert mounting style code
IIC insert interface code
INSL insert length
KAPR tool cutting edge angle
KCH corner chamfer angle
KRINS cutting edge angle major
KWL Keyway length
KWW keyway width
KYP keyway property
L cutting edge length
LAMS inclination angle
LB body length
LBB chip breaker width
LBX body length maximum
LCCB counterbore depth connection bore
LCF length chip flute
LDRED reduced body diameter length
LE cutting edge effective length
LF functional length
LFA a dimension on lf
LH head length
LPR protruding length
LS shank length
LSC clamping length
LSCN clamping length minimum
LSCX clamping length maximum
LTA LTA length (length from MCS to CRP)
LU usable length
LUX usable length maximum
M m-dimension
M2 m2-dimension
MHA mounting hole angle
MHD mounting hole distance
MHH mounting hole height
MIID master insert identification
MTP clamping type code
NCE cutting end count
NOF flute count
NOI insert index count
NT tooth count
OAH overall height
OAL overall length
OAW overall width
PDPT profile depth insert
PDX profile distance ex
PDY profile distance ey
PFS profile style code
PL point length
PNA profile included angle
PSIR tool lead angle
PSIRL cutting edge angle major left hand
PSIRR cutting edge angle major right hand
RAL relief angle left hand
RAR relief angle right hand
RCP rounded corner property
RE corner radius
REL corner radius left hand
RER corner radius right hand
RMPX ramping angle maximum
RPMX rotational speed maximum
S insert thickness
S1 insert thickness total
SC insert shape code
SDL step diameter length
SIG point angle
SSC insert seat size code
SX shank cross section shape code
TC tolerance class insert
TCE tipped cutting edge code
TCTR thread tolerance class
TD thread diameter
THFT thread form type
THL threading length
THLGTH thread length
THSC tool holder shape code
THUB hub thickness
TP thread pitch
TPI threads per inch
TPIN threads per inch minimum
TPIX threads per inch maximum
TPN thread pitch minimum
TPT thread profile type
TPX thread pitch maximum
TQ torque
TSYC tool style code
TTP thread type
ULDR usable length diameter ratio
UST unit system
W1 insert width
WEP wiper edge property
WF functional width
WF2 Distance between the cutting reference point and the front seating surface of a turning tool
WFS functional width secondary
WT weight of item
ZEFF face effective cutting edge count
ZEFP peripheral effective cutting edge count
ZNC cutting edge center count
ZNF face mounted insert count
ZNP peripheral mounted insert count

List of Reference Symbols Complying with ISO13399

ISO13399 Reference Symbols Content
CIP Coordinate system In Process
CRP Cutting Reference Point
CSW Coordinate System Workpiece side
MCS Mounting Coordinate System
PCS Primary Coordinate System