Don’t forget that we are craftsmen selling tools

Don’t forget that we are craftsmen selling tools

When I visited a customer for the first time as a part of my training just after joining Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, one of my senior co-workers said “Do not forget that we are craftsmen selling tools.” I have been working in the cemented carbide tool business since joining the company more than 30 years ago, and I still keep these words in my mind. 

The tools that we develop are essential to the manufacture of the components that our customers produce. These words have always served as a continuous reminder of our mission in society, which is to deliver tools with high quality and performance, to ensure that customers can achieve the productivity and quality necessary to compete and win in their markets.

Our tools are used by customers all around the world. The first product delivered to global markets back in the late 1980s was our highly-regarded CVD coated inserts. Mitsubishi Materials made its full entry into overseas markets in the late 1980s, and the articles in this feature highlight the significant evolution of our technology along with entry into these important markets. For the very latest CVD inserts, please check the MC6100 series introduced in this feature. 
Since the 1960’s, we have continued for over half a century to innovate as craftsmen and assist customers seeking cutting-edge technology; this feature showcases our commitment to being the best craftsmen partners we can be for our customers.

As craftsmen, we provide more than just tools to customers. As Your Global Craftsman Studio shows in the title of this magazine, we aim to provide something more. One example of this is the Mitsubishi Materials Intelligent Cutting Test System (MICS) included near the end of this issue. We are highly confident that MICS will contribute to customers in manufacturing as a great new tool that digitally connects our machining technology with the machining processes of our customers.

The manufacturing industry has also been exposed to the waves of change along with a wide range of technical innovations and social conditions that continue to rapidly evolve. Mitsubishi Materials continues to move forward with a keen awareness of our responsibility to create “something that does not change,” in other words, the concept of always creating “more sophisticated and advanced manufacturing” for customers. We look forward to your continuing support and cooperation as we continue to develop products that give you the edge. 

Kazuo Ohara
General Manager,
Business Strategy Department

Metalworking Solutions Company 
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation