Tooling system for turning on multi-task machines

High accuracy and rigidity HSK-T type tooling system developed for use on multi-task machines.

HSK-T System

HSK-T is a new HSK system designed for turning on multi-task machines that are compatible with HSK-A type (ISO standard: ISO12164-1:2001).
The HSK system was developed by a consortium of 17 Japanese manufacturers and registered in ISO standard (ISO12164-3:2008) under the name HSK-T type in 2008 and JIS standard (JIS B6064-3) in 2013.

High Accuracy Cutting Edge Positioning

The HSK-T type has a closer tolerance between the spindle key and tool holder keyway than the HSK-A type. This results in higher cutting edge positional accuracies. For milling, the conventional HSK-A type tools can be still used.

Compatible with Both Multi-Task Machines and Machining Centres

Short neck length from the flange with thick body of the HSK-T turning tool as shown in the figure at the left. Because there are machines which cannot be mounted depending on the ATC specifications of the multi-task machine(HSK-A type), please check beforehand. Also be careful of interference of the magazine with adjacent tools.

HSK-T turning tool standard (Example)

Improved Keyway Tolerance

Straight Type Tools Suitable for Use on Multi-Task Machines

Avoid workpiece interference with improved tool accessibility.

By tilting the machines B spindle (main axis of the tool) at 45 deg, interference between the spindle, holder, workpiece and chuck can be avoided.

Improve centreline height by positioning the cutting edge at the centre of the spindle.

Increased stability and accuracy can be achieved because the cutting edge centreline height is not affected by the gap between the spindle and the key.

New One-Action Type Double Clamp Series

The double clamp mechanism offers high rigidity, accuracy and reliability that ensures secure insert clamping. There fore making it suitable turning of difficult to machine materials such as stainless and heat resistant alloys.

3 on 1 Tool for Process and Tool Consolidation

3 turning inserts of the same geometry can be installed on a single tool.

New HSK-T100 Size for Large Workpieces

Larger tool holder sizes for high efficiency machining.