QC Type Adapter for Pin Milling Cutter

  • Cutter Body
  • Adapter Body


  1. Makes installation of Pin millng cutter easy, quick, and accurate.
  2. Clamping the entire periphery of the cutter body improves rigidity and lateral run-out of the cutting edges.
  3. Facilitates stable heavy cutting such as counter weight cutting and prevents sudden insert fracture.

QS2000 (Installation Method for Side Cutter)

  • Appearance


  1. Turning the bolt a few times turns nut 45°and enables installation and detachment of the cutter.
  2. Installation and detachment of the cutter is possible without taking the bolt and nut off the adapter.
  3. The cutter is a solid type. Thus, the rigidity is high.
  4. Cutter exchange time is less than 1 min.