The combination of the (Al, Cr, Si) N coating (newly-developed), which has a high oxidation temperature and high lubricity, together with the (Al, Ti, Si) N coating, which has better wear resistance and high adhesion, allows hardened steel with even greater strength to be maintained.


For higher hardness, higher speed and longer tool life!

In comparison with the conventional coating single-phase nano crystal coating technology offers higher coating hardness and heat resistance.
When machining hardened steels it can be seen that the IMPACT MIRACLE coating offers a lower friction of coefficient and as such prevents abnormal damage such as chipping.



MS plus Coating

Suitable coating for a broad range of workpiece materials such as carbon steel, alloy steel and hardened steel of approx. 50HRC.

Our original coating technology enables a multilayer of (Al,Ti)N and (Al,Cr)N. It allows machining of a wide range of workpiece materials.


Newly-developed (Al,Cr)N coating with improved wear resistance.
The smoothening treatment of the coating layer reduces the cutting resistance and improves chip discharge significantly. This next-generation coating offers longer tool life and higher efficiency in machining difficult-to-cut materials.

DLC Coating

Newly developed DLC coating. Hardness similar to that of CVD diamond coating achieved with high adhesion strength.

Mitsubishi Materials and SHINMAYWA INDUSTRIES, LTD. have jointly developed a unique DLC coating that has substantially increased "adhesion strength" compared to previous DLC coating.

Diamond Coating (DC)

Proprietary CVD diamond coating produces excellent wear resistance and smooth hole surface.

The newly developed CVD diamond coated carbide material achieves outstanding abrasion resistance and smoothness due to a proprietary fine multilayer diamond crystal control technology. Suitable for cutting hard brittle materials such as cemented carbide.

Diamond Coating (DF)

Diamond coating for non-ferrous and new non-metal materials.

Owing to Mitsubishi’s unique plasma chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coating technology, great combination of coating hardness similar to that of natural diamond has been combined with a good adhesion to carbide substrates.
DF end mill series suitable for graphite machining.

VIOLET Coating

(Al,Ti)N coating, excellent adhesion strength for HSS tools.

Violet coating is the name of the technology of successfully applying a Miracle type coating to HSS substrate tools. The newly developed technology of applying (Al,Ti)N coating at the low temperatures required for HSS substrates, means that Violet coating has the same level of adhesion strength as Miracle coating. Additionally high film hardness and excellent oxidation resistance properties have also been realised.