Special Application Notes

  • For safety and success, high pressure coolant is required.
    (Minimum coolant pressure=1,000PSI)
  • Coolant filter must be less than 5 microns.
    Fine filtration is necessary to prevent blockage of the coolant holes.
  • A pilot hole or guide bushing is required.

How To Use

  1. Pilot hole drilling.
    (Mitsubishi’s MZE, MZS, MWE or MWS is recommended.)
  2. Drill is inserted into the pilot hole with the MSG drill rotation stopped or rotating CCW at 300rpm or less.
    •UP to 1-2mm before hole bottom.
  1. Coolant is turned ON, raise cutting speed and
    feed to the recommended cutting condition.
  2. Return to “Pos 2” after drilling end, coolant turned OFF and drill rotation is stopped.