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For Carbon Steels MS6015, Leading Drill Series DLE, Solid Carbide Flat Bottom Drills MFE


Series Continues to Evolve

PVD Coated Cemented Carbide Grade for Carbon Steels

Skilled at pure irons, carbon steels and free cutting steels turning and achieving implemented stable finished surfaces and excellent dimensional accuracy.

Features 1

A fine compatible collaboration of a special carbide substrate and a new PVD coating that greatly improves wear resistance.

Features 1

Excellent chip discharge with a reduced coefficient of friction creates a stabilized turning surface.

Optimizing the Laminated Structure

Optimizing the laminated structure enables the thickening of coating which leads to significant wear resistance.

Features 2

Set the corner radius to a minus tolerance.

Features 2

Light Cutting LS-P Breaker

Polished ( mirror-surface ) finish of insert surfaces drastically improves welding resistance extending tool life.

By flattening the substrate surface, the coating particles crystals form straighty, leading to stable cutting and welding prevention.

Cutting Performance

Surface Roughness in Soft Magnetic Iron Cutting

High quality worked surface preventing cloudiness.

Cutting Performance

Application Example

Application Example

Solid Carbide Drills for Centering and Chamfering

Leading Drill Series DLE

Completes strict standards for centering and chamfering.

Feature of Leading Drill Series DLE

Solid Carbide Flat Bottom Drills

MFE Series

High Efficiency Drilling in Various Types of Machining

High efficiency counter boring in various types of machining with excellent chipping resistance.

Low cutting force provides less burr.
Excellent performance in correction of eccentric hole and cast hole due to high position accuracy.

Feature of MFE Series