Addition of the VQ4MVM, a 4-Flute Square End Mill from the SMART MIRACLE End Mill Series for high efficiency machining

MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATION, Metalworking Solutions Company (Company President: Kazuo Ohara, Address: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo) has added the VQ4MVM, a 4-flute square end mill for high efficiency machining to the SMART MIRACLE end mill series for high efficiency machining. This latest addition will go on sale on January 5th 2024.

SMART MIRACLE end mills for high efficiency machining have been evaluated by many customers as a solid carbide end mill that realizes efficiency and high-quality machining over a wide range of applications, ranging from general steels through to difficult-to-cut materials.

The addition of the VQ4MVM 4-flute square end mill will increase the choice for high efficiency machining to the current range.

Main features VQ4MVM are as follows

  1. VQ end mills have a modern coating with a unique surface treatment technology to reduce cutting resistance, improve chip evacuation and wear resistance over a wide range of work materials.
  2. The two-stage gash geometry facilitates good chip evacuation and the high-rigidity design allows for plunging at high ramping angles.
  3. The combination of the irregular helix flutes and micro-relief angle margin provides improved vibration damping when compared to existing irregular flute products and this also helps to suppress burrs.
Product Name SMART MIRACLE end mill series for high efficiency machining
4-flute square end mill  VQ4MVM  Total: 6 items
Release Date January 5, 2024
Standard Price
VQ4MVMD0400N180 13,650 JPY (15,015 JPY including taxes)
VQ4MVMD0600N200 15,750 JPY (17,325 JPY including taxes)
VQ4MVMD1200N360 34,440 JPY (37,884 JPY including taxes)