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High-Performance End Mill SMART MIRACLE End Mill Series


Steep Ramping Capability Reduces Machining Times
Fewer tools needed, reduces costs and resource consumption.
High-efficiency cutting conditions shortens cycle times.

Multifunctional end mill capable of steep ramping when machining a wide range of materials.

Ramping is a method of sinking gradually as the tool traverses.
This eliminates the need for a pilot hole when machining pockets, thereby reducing costs through tool consolidation. Compared to direct plunge cutting, ramping enables simultaneous multi-axis feed at high speeds to lower machining times. This method is ideal for machining wide and shallow pockets.

VQ4MVM provides high-performance and multifunctionality.
It can perform shoulder milling, grooving and helical machining as well as ramping angles of up to 30º in carbon and alloy steels.

Steep Ramping Capability

Comparison of Ramping Angles when Machining JIS SUS304

Provided a good machined surface when machining with a ramping angle of 25°. The cutting conditions used in this comparison test differ from the recommended conditions. Please check the recommended conditions before commercial use.

Features of VQ4MVM


Newly-developed coating with improved wear resistance.
The smoothening treatment of the coating layer reduces cutting resistance and significantly improves chip discharge.

SMART MIRACLE Coating : (Al,Cr)N coating is the most suitable coating for higher efficiency machining.

ZERO-μ Surface : The original surface treatment technology provides a smooth coating layer.

1. Secondary Gash

A first and secondary gash provides high capacity chip evacuation that far exceeds conventional designs when ramping.

1. Secondary Gash

2. Micro Relief Angle

This exerts a margin effect that provides a guide during machining.
Combined with irregular helix flutes, vibration damping and suppression of burrs is improved.

Irregular helix flutes and the micro relief angle improve vibraiton damping and provides excellent surface finishes.

2. Micro Relief Angle
JIS SUS304 vc=100 m/min, fz=0.05 mm/t., ap=5 mm, ae=3 mm

Chip Pocket and Highly Rigid Geometry

VQ4MVM is suitable for steep ramping and chip evacuation performance due to the highly rigid geometry.

Chip Pocket and Highly Rigid Geometry

Cutting performance Video

The high ramping performance of the VQ4MVM dramatically reduces machining time for pocket and donut pocket milling!

*The video shows machinig at the maximum ramping angle.

High-Performance End Mill「VQ4MVM」~Comparison of Continuous Pockets~

High-Performance End Mill「VQ4MVM」~Comparison of Donut Pockets~