Addition of Inserts - Precision Grade M Type and Wiper Type for the WWX400 Series of General Purpose Shoulder Milling Cutters

MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATION Metalworking Solutions Company (Company President: Tetsuya Tanaka, Address: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has decided to add two double sided inserts, a precision grade M class type and a wiper type to the WWX400 series of general purpose shoulder milling cutters. They will go on sale from April 15th.

The double-sided insert type for the WWX400 series achieves excellent finished surface even when using standard grade inserts due to the large R-wiper edge. Additionally, by adopting the proprietary “X-type” insert that displays strength and durability, tool costs are lowered and reduced even further by employing a double-sided six corner geometry.

In response to the desire to further improve the finished surfaces, MITSUBISHI MATERIALS has also added a precision M class insert and wiper insert to the current range.

Key features of the precision M class insert and wiper insert

1. Precision M class inserts are now available to improve the accuracy of the finished surface. This is achieved by polishing both the flank and rake face of the insert.

2. The wiper insert has two corners that can be used. By replacing one normal insert with a wiper insert, an improved, high-quality finished surface is achievable.

Product Name Double-Sided Insert Type WWX400 Series for General Purpose Shoulder Cutting
Precision Grade M Insert 14 items
Wiper Insert 3 items
Release Date April 15th, 2022
Standard Price
(Distributor Model Number)
6NGU1409040PNER-M MP6120 1,920 yen (2,112 yen including taxes)
2NGU1406ZNER6C-M MC5020 2,530 yen (2,783 yen including taxes)

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