VFR2XLB End Mills with Diameters 0.2 – 0.5 mm Added to the IMPACT MIRACLE End Mill Series for Machining Hardened Steel

MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATION Metalworking Solutions Company (Company President: Tetsuya Tanaka, Address: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has added to the IMPACT MIRACLE series of end mills. The VFR2XLB range will be expanded with 2-flute, long neck ball nose end mills with diameters 0.2 – 0.5 mm for machining hardened steel. These new sizes will go on sale from April 1st.

The IMPACT MIRACLE end mill series for machining hardened steel has been highly recommended by many customers for its excellent wear resistance.

In order to expand the application range of this series, MITSUBISHI MATERIALS will add 16 items of the VFRXLB 2-flute, long neck ball nose end mill.

Main features of the VFR2XLB

1. The combination of the newly developed (Al, Cr, Si) N coating, which has excellent oxidation resistance and lubricity, and the already proven (Al, Ti, Si) N coating, which has great wear resistance and high adhesion to other coating layers, helps to achieve exceptional wear resistance when machining hardened steel.

2. Realizes high accuracy of the ball nose R by basing it on the absolute centre of the tool.

Product Name IMPACT MIRACLE End Mill Series for Machining Hardened Steel
2-Flute, Long Neck Ball Nose End Mill VFR2XLB 16 items
Release Date April 1st, 2022
Standard Price
(Distributor Model Number)
VFR2XLBR0010N005   13,200 yen (14,520 yen including taxes)
VFR2XLBR0020N020   9,270 yen (10,197 yen including taxes)
VFR2XLBR0025N040   8,820 yen (9,702 yen including taxes)

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