New CVD Coated Grade MC6125 for Steel Turning

MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATION Metalworking solutions company (Company President: Tetsuya Tanaka address: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has released MC6125, a new CVD coated grade for steel machining.

MC6125 is the first recommendation for steel turning and is suitable for a wide range of continuous through to intermittent machining. By improving existing technology, wear resistance and stability have dramatically increased. As machine tools become more powerful and efficient, an increasing amount of end users are demanding higher cutting speeds to improve their machining efficiency.

The increasing use of high-strength materials in automotive parts and for other applications also requires cutting tools with high wear resistance to deal with them. On the other hand, cutting tools with high wear resistance are generally prone to chipping, which results in unstable machining. This creates a demand for a tool that is highly chipping resistant with a stable cutting edge.

To respond to this demand and also for use on conventional applications, a CVD coated grade, MC6125, has been developed for turning steels at high speed and is also able to provide higher edge stability.

The main features of MC6125

1. Super Nano Texture Technology increases tool wear resistance due to a fine, dense crystal growth process.

2. Super TOUGH-Grip technology has finer crystal grains that enhance the strength of the adhesion between the coating layers.

3. Cracks that occur during unstable machining are prevented due to the relaxing of the tensile stress in the coating. MC6100 series has an 80% reduction in coating tensile stress compared to conventional CVD inserts.

Product name CVD Coated Grade MC6125 for Steel Turning
20 Items
Release date February 26th, 2021
Standard Price
(Standard Items)
CNMG120408-LP MC6125 940 yen (1,034 yen including tax)
DNMG150412-MP MC6125 1,300 yen (1,430 yen including tax)
WNMG080408-MA MC6125 940 yen (1,034 yen including tax)

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