GY series – Addition of the PSC Holder for Grooving

MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATION Metalworking solutions company (Company President : Tetsuya Tanaka Address : Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has added the PSC holder to the GY grooving series.

The GY series has achieved favorable results as a grooving system and has a wide selection of holders and inserts available for a diverse range of external, internal and face grooving applications.

The double taper and face contact uses a precision machined polygon geometry defined in JIS B 6066 (ISO 26623) to provide high clamping rigidity. In addition, it provides accuracy and easy positional repeatability after tool changing and is increasingly used in multi-functional composite machines.
To meet market demands, 18 PSC holders and 2 compatible spare parts are now available.

Features of the PSC Holder

1. External, face and recess machining blades can be used across a huge range of applications.

2. Coolant nozzles mounted on the main body can be adjusted to the desired angle (approx. ±10°) to supply cutting fluid to the cutting edges efficiently and accurately.

3. Accuracy of ±2μm or less for all 3 axes is achieved when replacing tools.

Product name PSC holder for grooving
Mounting size PSC40 6 items, PSC50 6 items, PSC60 6 items
Release date November 16, 2020
Standard Price
(Standard Items)
C4-GYHERM00-M25R   78,300 yen (86,130 yen including tax)
C5-GYHELM90-M25R   85,800 yen (94,380 yen including tax)
C6-GYHERM50-M25L   93,700 yen (103,070 yen including tax)

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