Series Expansion - PVD Coated Carbide Grade MS6015 for Turning Carbon Steel

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Advanced Materials & Tools Company (President – Shinichi Nakamura, Headquarters: Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has added a new chip breaker to the MS6015 range of inserts. MS6015 is a PVD coated carbide grade for turning carbon steels.

The MS6015 PVD coated carbide grade ensures smooth surface finishes and excellent dimensional accuracy when turning carbon and free cutting steels on small automatic lathes. The combination of the special cemented carbide substrate and the PVD coating provides the ability to machine excellent surface finishes. To allow a wider range of applications, the LS-P breaker for light turning and R/L-FS breaker for precision inserts for finish cutting have been added for small parts applications.

Features of the MS6015, LS-P breaker, R/L-FS breaker

1. The accumulated Ti-CN based coating delivers excellent wear resistance at medium to low cutting speeds of 50~150 m/min that are typically used for machining small parts manufactured from carbon steel. Additionally, by optimising the accumulated coating structure, adhesion of the coating layer to the substrate is improved.

2. The new flat surface technology used in LS-P breaker for light turning, ensures a tough edge layer that vastly reduces crack development and fracturing. The LS-P breaker also provides excellent welding resistance and stable machining.

3. The R/L-FS breaker for precision finish cutting realises improved sharpness and maintains high quality surface finishes due to the narrow lead breaker.

Product name PVD coated carbide grade for turning carbon steel – MS6015
LS-P breaker for light turning
R/L-FS breaker, for precision inserts for finish cutting
Number of items LS-P breaker; 11 items, R/L-FS breaker; 6 items
Release August 20th, 2018
Standard price
CCGT060201M-LS-P MS6015 1,490yen (1,609 yen including tax)
DCGT11T304M-LS-P MS6015 2,090yen (2,257 yen including tax)
TNGG160408R-FS MS6015 1,340yen (1,447 yen including tax)
TNGG160408L-FS MS6015 1,340yen (1,447 yen including tax)

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