New GW Series, Cutting Off and Grooving System

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Advanced Materials & Tools Company (President - Fumio Tsurumaki, Headquarters: 1-3-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has launched the GW series, a cutting off and grooving system.

The GW series is new kind of cutting off and grooving tool that delivers highly reliable insert clamping, provided by a unique system that maximises usability without sacrificing performance.

Additionally the blade can supply through coolant simultaneously from both the rake and flank faces to the cutting edge. Also available is a blade clamping block with a coolant hose kit to provide the coolant for the through capability, as well as providing a conventional coolant system.

Features of the GW series cutting off and grooving system

1. Highly reliability
Highly reliable clamping is achieved by adopting a taper clamp system and a safety location key. The convex recess on the insert calmping faces also realises highly reliable clamping.

2. More convenient
The insert can be easily installed and removed with a single movement of the wrench.

3. Improved performance
The simultaneous coolant supply from the rake and flank faces provides highly effective cooling and improves wear resistance, thereby achieving longer tool life.

4. Versatility
The tool block contains six coolant connection ports and two coolant outlets. This allows customers to install coolant hoses that match their current machine setup.

5. The new GW series is capable of a wide range of diverse grooving applications.

Product name GW series cutting off and grooving system
Number of items Blade holder without coolant hole / 8 items, with coolant hole/ 8 items
Tool block without coolant hole / 4 items, with coolant hole/ 4 items
Insert groove width 2mm-5mm / 52 items
Coolant hose kit / 12 items
Release December 1st 2017.
Standard price
GWB26NA2-D36   14,400 yen (15,552 yen including tax)
GWB32NA2-H60-C   25,500 yen (27,540 yen including tax)
GWTBN2020-B26   29,200 yen (31,536 yen including tax)
GWTBN2525-B32-C   40,900 yen (44,172 yen including tax)
GW1M0200D020N-GS VP30RT 1,400 yen (1,512 yen including tax)
GW1M0500H040L05-GM VP20RT 1,750 yen (1,890 yen including tax)
CS-1/8-200BS   30,300 yen (32,724 yen including tax)

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