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Cutting Off and Grooving System GY/GW Series

Monoblock Holder for Swiss-Type Automatic Lathe

Solves Cutting Off Problems

New high rigidity geometry is ideal for deep grooving.

Added Groove Width 1.2mm to Expand Usage Range

Overhang Length Compatible with Swiss-type Automatic Lathes

Head length corresponding to the maximum machining diameter of CNC Swiss Type automatic lathes and turret

Features of High-Rigidity Holder

Strong Clamp Bridge

The strong design of the clamp bridge suppresses chatter and vibration.

Features of High-Rigidity Holder

Thicker Tool Base

Tool deflection caused by cutting resistance is greatly reduced.

Strengthening of the Insert Clamp

The seating face of the insert becomes wider reducing the deformation of the workpiece material.

High-Rigidity Holder

Tool deflection caused by cutting resistance and the remaining material pip in the centre are greatly reduced.

New Low Resistance and High Lead Angle Insert

New inserts with a lead angle of 8º have been added to the range to reduce burrs and the remaining material pip in the centre.

Surface Finish Comparison when Cutting Off : JIS SUS304

The high-rigidity holder suppresses chatter vibration and deflection, improving the finished surface.

Comparison of the Accuracy of Workpiece When Cutting Off : JIS SUS304

Low Feed Breaker

GY GS Breaker for Lead Angles 8°and 15°

By improving dimensional accuracy, the amount of remaining centre pip is reduced and good surface finishes are achieved.

Cutting Performance

SUS304 Comparison of Cutting Off and Remaining Material

Cutting Performance