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Solid CBN Grade for Cast Iron and Sintered Alloy


New solid CBN for improved
cast iron machining.
High-speed machining at
large depths of cut.

Good balance of wear and fracture resistance
from the high-performance sintering technology.

100% Solid CBN structure

For highly efficient machining at large depths of cut

Inserts made entirely of CBN do not limit the depth of cut.
For the high speed and efficiency of CBN finishing but
now also for roughing applications.

Balance of wear and fracture resistance

The use of CBN particles and a newly developed special
binder delivers high wear resistance.
Mitsubishi’s unique high-performance sintering technology
gives high fracture resistance.

Application range

for higher efficiency machining

100% Solid CBN structure

Addition of insert series with hole

Comparison of depth of cut

Vibration occurred when using an insert without hole
after 165 sec due to high cutting loads.

MBS140’s Cutting Performance

MBS140’s Cutting Performance

Stable flank wear is maintained compared to conventional products for continuous cutting.

Provides outstanding wear resistance and fracture resistance,
MBS140 achieves long tool life without abnormal fracturing even when deep cutting

Application Examples

Application Examples