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Boring Bar for High Precision and Small Parts Machining


Ideal for small-diameter boring of general and stainless steel.

1 tool offering 2 cutting edge types reducing tool costs.

Wide Range Available

  Minimum Cutting Diameter : φ2.2mm~
  RE : 0.05, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2

  Minimum Cutting Diameter : φ3mm~

  Minimum Cutting Diameter : φ3mm~

  Minimum Cutting Diameter : φ3.5mm~

Back Cutting Edge

Enables boring and facing with the same tool, thereby improving efficiency.
(For the CT type there is no back cutting edge.)

Available With or Without a Chip Breaker

With Chip Breaker
The wide chip breaker aids in reducing cutting resistance.

With Out Chip Breaker
Polished rake face to prevent chip welding.

Cutting Performance

Polished Rake Face

Machining of Stainless Steel
The polished rake face prevents chip welding and provides an excellent surface finish.

<Cutting Conditions>
Workpiece Material : SUS304  Tool : CB05RS,VP15TF
Cutting Speed : vc=100m/min   Feed per Rev. : fr=0.02mm/rev
Cutting Depth : ap = 0.1 mm  Cutting Mode : Wet Cutting

PVD Coated Grades for High Precision and Small Parts Machining MS7025

Dramatically improved welding and wear resistance in low feed machining with a more precise nano-multilayer coating

Nano-Multilayer Coating

By combining the high lubrication layer with excellent welding resistance, and the high hardness layer with a greater wear resistance that suppresses the progress of wear at the nano-level, the film damage is significantly reduced and the welding and wear resistance are dramatically improved. 

Nano-Multilayer Coating

Effects of the High Lubrication Layer

The nano-level, high lubrication layer suppresses built-up edge caused by chip welding which tends to occur in low feed machining and in addition reduces on the machined surface. 

Effects of the High Lubrication Layer