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Hydro-clamp type tool for machining valves

HVF series

Drastically shortened time and reduced costs!



Greatly Reduced Costs

The head and holder combination dramatically reduces the work required for tool replacement.

Suitable for small-quantity, large-variety production (Heads can be prepared for each vehicle model).
Price : Assembly type < Integrated type

Successful Tool Standardization

Reduced amounts of spare tools make management easier.

Drastically Shortened Time

The reamer and head can be clamped simultaneously with one-touch operation (While maintaining high rigidity).

Simple control reduces the required setup time.


Be sure to mount the reamer and head before clamping.
If connection is performed while either of them is not mounted, the joining surface of the clamp may be deformed and breakage may occur.

Improved Accuracy

An optimal coolant supply to the cutting edge improves accuracy while also extending tool life.

This is the strength of the hydro chuck!

Simultaneous clamp connection of the inner and outer diameters while maintaining high
rigidity allows high accuracy, making reamer run-out adjustment virtually unnecessary.

Setup Reference Diagram

(When Tool Holder : HVF06-HSK63A110A3 is suitable)

Rough Processing

Finish Processing

Application Example (Finishing)

Application Example (Finishing)