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For Machining Titanium Alloys


Vibration Control Provides High Efficiency


Suppression of Regenerative Chatter

ASPX leads the latest machining theory by adopting irregular flutes and optimally placed inserts to drastically reduce vibration.


Improvement of Chip Discharge

Coolant applied at the rake angle of the cutting edge enables highly efficient chip discharge.

Reduced Cutting Resistance

A large rake angle and honing (edge preparation ideal for titanium machining) enhance the low cutting resistance and high fracture resistance.

PVD Coated Grade for Difficult-to-cut Materials

Combination of a cemented carbide material with outstanding fracture resistance, and a smooth coating
with excellent welding resistance, provides stable processing with long tool life.

Cutting Performance

High-efficiency Machining of Ti-6Al-4V

Machined surfaces free of chatter marks can be realised to ensure no effects on the finish machining process.

Cutting Performance

How to Use

Positive Effects of a Roll Into Cutting Approach

The roll into cutting approach can control sharp increases in cutting loads and prevent sudden chipping of inserts which is likely to occur at the start of machining.

How to Use