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High-speed Steel Drill
Violet High Precision Drill Series


Long-lasting drill bits for stable, high accuracy, non-step drilling of deep L/D=10 holes



Cutter Shape Ensures both Rigidity and Good Chip Ejection

We've employed our proprietary high-rigidity cross-section shape to optimise flute thickness.
Furthermore, by increasing the size of the chip pocket on the flute sweep side, we achieved both good tool rigidity and chip ejection.

Flute Smoothing

The flutes have been smoothed to improve chip ejection. This allows L/D = 10 deep holes to be bored without *stepping.

*Non-step drilling of horizontal holes by lathe or horizontal M/C is not recommended.

Cutting Performance

Stable Non-step Drilling of L/D = 10 Deep Holes

Stable processing and long service life have been achieved for non-step drilling of even small diameter deep holes.

Cutting Performance

Hole Position Accuracy Comparison (Hole Position Displacement)

Manifests good biting performance compared to conventional products, enabling high precision machining with minimal hole