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Solid Carbide TRISTAR Drill Series


A New Standard.
No Flexing, No Breakages, No Delays
Faster cycle times and higher accuracy.

Mini Size ø1.0mm – ø2.9mm L/D=2 – 50



Mitsubishi Material's unique coolant holes with TRI-Cooling Technology.

TRI-Cooling is optimal for small-diameter drills and can achieve more than double the conventional coolant discharge volume. This can dramatically improve chip discharge and heat dissipation, contributing greatly to tool life stability.

Large coolant holes reduce tool damage due to the improved cooling effect thereby greatly increasing tool life.

Increased coolant flow provides effective cooling even in difficult applications or when using an oil based cutting fluid.

Tough, sharp cutting edge design.

The straight cutting edge and thinned point are connected with a smoothly curved geometry that significantly improves fracture resistance. The geometry of the rake angles and lands also improves wear and chip disposal.

New XR point thinning, reduces cutting load and optimises chip flow.

The new point thinning breaks chips into the optimum shape for streamlined flow and achieves a much lower cutting resistance.

Unique flute form for greater rigidity. Applies to L/D=2, 7, 12

The short drill is designed for high rigidity and good chip evacuation by minimizing the neck length.
A chip discharge area is provided over the tapered section, increasing the tool rigidity by 20% more than the conventional model as well as improving the positional accuracy of the hole.

Comparison of Tool Rigidity

Comparison of Straightness

Deep Hole Machining Example

For deep holes it is recommended to use a pilot drill to improve hole entry and reduce deviation at the exit point.

New Coated Grade DP1120

DP1120 is applied a special multi-layer PVD coating and a micro-grain, cemented carbide substrate. The outstanding surface smoothness prevents chip clogging that reduces breakage.
Additionally the excellent abrasion resistance maintains cutting edge sharpness to enable long
tool life.

Cutting Performance

SCM440 Comparison of Fracture Resistance

DVAS has excellent fracture resistance and double tool life compared to conventional products.

Cutting Performance

SUS304 Comparison of Welding Resistance and Chip Disposal under High-efficiency Cutting

Displays excellent welding resistance and chip control when drilling stainless steels.

SCM440 L/D=40 Comparison of True Straightness

The hole bends are significantly reduced as compared to conventional products.