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PVD Coated Grade for Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel Drilling

DP6020 Special Products

Demonstrates excellent wear resistance during high-speed, high efficiency machining of carbon and alloy steels


Al-Cr-Si-Ti-N Multilayer Coating

By adding Si, the coating hardness and the temperature at which oxidation started to occur were significantly raised. This multi-layer structure also improves wear and crack resistance during cutting and provided excellent wear resistance even during high-speed, high feed machining.


Comparison of wear resistance at high-speed and high efficiency conditions, when machining Workpiece Material

DP6020 exhibits particularly excellent wear resistance

Example when Machining an Automotive Part - Hub

Due to its excellent wear resistance, the tool life is 2.5 times longer than that of conventional products.

Example when Machining an Automotive Part - Steering Knuckle

Achieves 1.4 times longer tool life due to suppressing flank wear.