MP3C, a New 3-Flute Chamfer Cutter, added to the MS plus End Mill Series

MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATION Metalworking Solutions Company (Company President: Tetsuya Tanaka, Address: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has added a 3-flute chamfer cutter, MP3C, to the MS plus end mill series. This latest addition will go on sale on November 1st.

The MS plus end mill series is a range of general-purpose end mills with an excellent cost performance ratio that has been held in high regard by many customers.

The coating that the MS plus adopts is an original coating from Mitsubishi Materials. This coating with (Al,Ti)N and (Al,Cr)N layers enables machining of carbon steels as well as pre-hardened and high-hardness steels. It is a coating that can be used for a wide range of workpiece materials and displays greatly improved wear resistance.

Mitsubishi Materials is pleased to announce the addition of a chamfer cutter, MP3C, to the current range. This addition achieves excellent tool life and high efficiency machining when traverse feeding to machine a chamfer.

Key features of the 3-flute chamfer cutter, MP3C, an addition to the MS plus End Mill Series:

  1. An optimum helix angle provides great sharpness and reduces burrs. The chamfer angle is 45°.
  2. Can be used at high feed rates and has an extended tool life due to the 3-flute geometry. Burrs are greatly reduced due to the irregular helix flute geometry.
  3. The 3-flutes allow for an excellent balance between versatility and chip evacuation which enables high feed machining.
  4. The inclusion of a small-diameter bottom cutting edge also enables use when V-grooving.
Product Name MS plus End Mill Series, 3-Flute Chamfer Cutter, MP3C
Release Date November 1st, 2022
Standard Price
(Distributor Model Number)
MP3CD0200 11,800 JPY (12,980 JPY including taxes)
MP3CD0600 16,200 JPY (17,820 JPY including taxes)
MP3CD1200 33,100 JPY (36,410 JPY including taxes)