Release of New Alimaster Series End Mills with Through Coolant Holes for High Efficiency Aluminium Alloy Machining

MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATION Metalworking Solutions Company (Company President: Tetsuya Tanaka, Address: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has released 4 items of the A3SA square type and 13 items of the A3SARB corner radius type end mills in the Alimaster series for high efficiency machining of aluminium alloys.

There is a growing need for ultra-high efficiency machining for aluminium alloy materials that are typically used for aircraft components. This type of machining requires high-power machine tools and through coolant capability.

Mitsubishi aims to answer this growing need by adding to the Alimaster solid carbide end mill series. These tools are capable of ultra-high efficiency machining by optimising the through coolant hole shape and the flute geometry.

Main features:

1. High efficiency machining and excellent chip evacuation are achieved by adopting helical through coolant holes and by optimising the cutting edge geometry.

2. Great surface finish is achieved by suppressing chatter during machining and by utilising the R shaped flute exit geometry.

Product name Alimaster series end mills A3SA and A3SARB for high efficiency aluminium alloy machining
Release date January 15th, 2021
Standard Price
(Distributor Model Number)
A3SA120N36C   29,100 yen(32,010 yen including taxes)
A3SA250N55C   84,500 yen(92,950 yen including taxes)
A3SARB120R100N36C   31,100 yen(34,210 yen including taxes)
A3SARB250R500N55C   86,500 yen(95,150 yen including taxes)

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