SMART MIRACLE End Mill Series Expansion VQN2MB, VQN4MB, VQN4MBF End Mills for Difficult-to-Cut and Heat Resistant Super Alloy Materials

MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATION Metalworking solutions company (Company President: Tetsuya Tanaka, Address: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has added 3 new end mills to the VQ range of end mills. A 2 flute ball nose type, VQN2MB, and the 4 flute ball nose types VQN4MB and VQN4MBF for machining of difficult-to-cut and heat resistant super alloy materials.

 The SMART MIRACLE end mill series are highly valued by many customers for the improvement in machining efficiency and the longer tool life when machining titanium and heat-resistant alloys. Now, MITSUBISHI MATERIALS have expanded the series with a 2 flute ball nose type, VQN2MB, and the 4 flute ball nose types VQN4MB and VQN4MBF. They are specially designed for machining Ni-based super heat-resistant alloys that are widely in aircraft components.

Main features of VQN2MB, VQN4MB, VQN4MBF

1. The (Al, Ti, Si) based coatings maintain their film hardness and heat resistant properties under the harshest of conditions, making it highly suitable to applying it to end mills that machine heat resistant super alloys.

2. The ball end cutting edge rake angles have been optimised for consistent contact. Additionally, this improves fracture resistance for stable, high efficiency machining.

3. VQN4MBF with a full 4-flute end geometry, is ideal for 5 axis machining. Whereas the new VQN4MB, with 4 side flutes displays a special end geometry with only 2 ball end flutes. This design provides extra space for excellent chip evacuation during rough machining.

Product name VQN2MB, VQN4MB, VQN4MBF ball nose End Mills for Difficult-to-Cut
VQN2MB: Ball nose, Medium cut length, 2 flute 9 Items
VQN4MB: Ball nose, Medium cut length, 4 flute 8 Items
VQN4MBF: Ball nose, Medium cut length, 4 flute 8 Items
Release date January 15th, 2021
Standard Price
(Standard Items)
VQN2MBR0050   8,600 yen (9,460 yen including tax)
VQN4MBR0300   15,500 yen (17,050 yen including tax)
VQN4MBFR0600   35,100 yen (38,610 yen including tax)

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