VPX series - Expansion of L breaker, low resistance inserts

MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATION Metalworking solutions company (Company President : Tetsuya Tanaka Address : Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has expanded the range of low resistance, L breaker inserts for the multi-functional VPX cutter series.

VPX is a multi-functional cutter series, designed with a double-sided tangential insert that has excellent fracture resistance. It is ideal for ramping and helical machining and is also economical for high load machining applications.

The increased availability of the L type breaker supports additional low resistance, high quality machining applications.

Features of the VPX series L breaker insert:

The L breaker geometry with a low cutting resistance achieves a high class of surface finish especially when used in finishing applications.

Product name VPX series - Addition of low resistance L breaker inserts.
64 Items
Release date November 2, 2020
Standard Price
(Standard Items)
LOGU1207100PNER-L VP15TF 2,640 yen (2,904 yen including tax)
LOGU1207240PNER-L MP7130 2,640 yen (2,904 yen including tax)
LOGU1207200PNER-L MC5020 2,640 yen (2,904 yen including tax)
LOGU1207100PNFR-L TF15 2,040 yen (2,244 yen including tax)

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