WJX Series Expansion: Double-sided Insert Type, High Feed Radius Milling Cutters Addition of the WJX09 Type Cutter with a Smaller Insert

MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATION Metalworking solutions company (Company President: Tetsuya Tanaka Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has launched WJX09, a cutter for a smaller insert to add to the WJX series of high feed radius milling cutters.

The WJX series with double-sided inserts is a radius type cutter for high feed rate machining has been highly regarded by customers since its launch and steadily increasing in popularity.

The small insert type WJX09 has been developed to meet the needs for machining with smaller diameters with a fine pitch to increase the number of cutting edges to further improve machining efficiency.

Main features of the smaller insert type WJX09 cutter:

1. Smaller inserts reduce the size of the tool holder and also increases the ramping angle, resulting in the ability to cover a wider range of applications.

2. The number of cutting edges can be increased by downsizing the insert and clamping pocket, resulting in improved machining efficiency.

3. Suitable for use on low-output machines such as those with a BT40 spindle.

Product name WJX-Series milling cutter for high feed machining
Smaller Insert Type WJX09 Cutter
Arbor Type 13 Items
Shank Type 25 Items
Screw in Type 12 Items
Insert 23 Items
Spare Parts 2 Items
Release date July 15, 2020
Standard Price
(Standard Items)
WJX09R05004BA   60,300 yen (66,330 yen including tax)
WJX09R2802SA25L   46,800 yen (51,480 yen including tax)
WJX09R2502AM1235   41,700 yen (45,870 yen including tax)
JOMU090512ZZER-M MP9130 1,580 yen ( 1,738 yen including tax)

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