WSTAR drill series – new DWAE type solid carbide drills for swiss style automatic & small CNC lathes

MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATION Metalworking solutions company (Company President : Tetsuya Tanaka Address : Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has added the DWAE type of solid carbide drills for swiss style automatic & small CNC lathes to the WSTAR drilling series.

DWAE solid carbide drills have the optimal length and low cutting resistance features that provides high stability and excellent chip control.
100 items of the external coolant type of drills ranging from diameter 3mm through to 12mm provides an extensive range of sizes.

The main features of DWAE solid carbide drills are as follows

1. Optimal flute length for Swiss style lathes to suit the machining envelope and prevent interference.

2. Low cutting resistance design provides for highly stable drilling even in situations where rigidity of work material and clamping is difficult to realise.

3. Specially designed wave cutting edge breaks up chips into smaller pieces, preventing them from clogging during drilling operations.

4. A smoothening treatment is applied to the drill surface to further reduce cutting resistance whilst also facilitating excellent chip evacuation.

5. The newly developed PVD coated carbide grade DP102A has excellent lubricity and heat resistance, as well as exhibiting outstanding wear resistance particularly at medium to low cutting speeds.

Product name WSTAR drill series - DWAE solid carbide drills for Swiss style automatic & small CNC lathes
External coolant type
Drilling Dia. 3mm-12mm 100 Items
Release date April 1, 2020
Standard Price
DWAE0300X02S030 DP102A 7,540 yen (8,250 yen including tax)
DWAE0300X04S030 DP102A 8,900 yen (9,790 yen including tax)
DWAE0600X02S060 DP102A 10,900 yen (11,990 yen including tax)
DWAE0800X04S080 DP102A 15,200 yen (16,720 yen including tax)
DWAE1200X04S120 DP102A 21,500 yen (23,650 yen including tax)

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