Additional Double-sided Inserts for the WJX Series of High Feed Radius Milling Cutters

 Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Metalworking solutions company (Company President: Shinichi Nakamura, Tokyo: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has started sale of 2 new inserts, the L and R type, for the WJX series. The L type focuses on sharpness and the R type on having a strong cutting edge for high feed machining.

 The WJX series is a range of double-sided insert radius cutters for high feed machining. The WJX cutter is especially suited for rough machining by incorporating the economics of negative inserts for high strength, but with a positive flank geometry that provides the ability for multi-functionality.

 The L and R inserts will add both a sharp type and strong cutting edge type to expand the WJX series area of application.

Main features of the WJX series.

1. Provides low cutting resistance on entry to the workpiece and maintains stable machining even during interrupted, large depths of cut applications.

2. A straight cutting edge extending to the maximum depth of cut allows for high feed machining even at large depths of cut.

3. The dovetail structure prevents the insert from floating and provides stable clamping without using a clamp bridge.

4. The unique cutting edge geometry forms short chips and helps to prevent chip tangling to further enhance usability and enables easy removal of chips from machine tools.

5. Increased thickness prevents the inserts from fracturing and makes the cutter body resistant to breakage.

6. The sharpness of the L type insert is best suited for extending tool life during stable machining of titanium alloys.

7. The strong cutting edge R type insert improves fracture resistance during unstable machining.

Product name Double-sided insert for high feed radius milling cutter "WJX series"
Sharpness focused Insert (Order Number End "L") 9 Items
Strong cutting edge focused insert (Order Number End "R") 5 Items
Release October 15, 2019
Standard price
JOMU140715ZZER-L MC7020 2,200 yen (2,420 yen including tax)
JOMU140715ZZER-R MP6130 2,200 yen (2,420 yen including tax)

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