Solid carbide drill WSTAR Drill Series for Die & Mould Machining Expansion of MHS standard inventory items

 Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Metalworking solutions company (Company President: Shinichi Nakamura: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has expanded the range of the MHS, WSTAR solid carbide drills for die & mould machining.

  The MHS WSTAR solid carbide range of drills has achieved stable machining of 35-55HRC die & mould materials by utilizing tough carbide materials and a unique geometry.

  The expansion of the series aims to ensure stable supplies of stock standard items that are in high demand by customers.

Main features of the MHS drill

1. The unique 4 margin, guide pad flutes add stability by providing 4 contact points.

2. The extra stability enables a reduction in drilling times.

3. A wavy cutting edge geometry achieves the optimum balance between sharpness and cutting edge strength.

4. Ideal for machining high hardness mould materials due to an ultra-fine cemented carbide substrate and a PVD coating.

Item Name MHS solid carbide WSTAR Drill Series for die & mould machining
Standard inventory 5 items
Release date October 15, 2019
Standard Price
MHS0390L020B VP15TF 13,600 yen (14,960 yen including tax)
MHS0390L040B VP15TF 17,700 yen (19,470 yen including tax)
MHS0390L060B VP15TF 21,300 yen (23,430 yen including tax)
MHS0440L020B VP15TF 14,100 yen (15,510 yen including tax)
MHS0530L090B VP15TF 25,500 yen (28,050 yen including tax)

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