Series Expansion – New Insert for Aluminium Alloys Added to the GY Series, Grooving System

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Metalworking Solutions Company (President – Shinichi Nakamura, Headquarters: Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has added a new insert for machining aluminium alloys to the GY series grooving system.

The existing GY series has received a favorable reception as a grooving system that has a wide selection of holders and inserts available for diverse grooving applications, such as external, internal and face grooving.

This new insert for aluminium alloy machining enables GY series to expand its coverage over a wider range of workpiece materials and applications.

Features of the insert for aluminium alloys for the GY series grooving system

1. An ideal small chip shape is formed by narrowing the width of the chip breaker.

2. The large rake angle realises low cutting resistance.

3. The sharp cutting edge improves welding resistance.

Product name GL breaker inserts for aluminium alloys for the GY grooving system
Number of items Width of tooth 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm / 3 items
Release July 1st, 2019
Standard price
GY2G0200D005N-GL RT9010 1,960 yen (2,117 yen including tax)
GY2G0250E005N-GL RT9010 2,060 yen (2,225 yen including tax)
GY2G0300F005N-GL RT9010 2,150 yen (2,322 yen including tax)

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