New inserts from the CVD-coated ceramic grade XC5010 are added to the AHX series of multi-corner general-purpose face milling cutters.

The ceramic grade XC5010 displays far greater resistance to high temperatures than cemented carbide, therefore it can achieve stable machining even during high-speed cutting that can generate excess temperatures.
In addition, by applying an Al₂O₃ coating and surface smoothing treatment, which suppresses the conduction of cutting heat to the base material, abnormal wear and welding of the workpiece material are also suppressed.

To improve machining efficiency and the application area of cast iron cutting, two additional items will be released: an MK breaker type insert for general cutting and a flat top type with an emphasis on fracture resistance.

Main features of the XC5010 CVD-coated ceramic grade for milling are as follows

  1. Unique adhesion strength technology improves the adhesion between the ceramic base material and the coating layer.

  2. Ultra-high-speed machining of ductile cast iron is made possible by the silicon nitride ceramic base material, which has high toughness and little loss of strength under high temperature conditions.

Product Name XC5010 - CVD-coated ceramic material for milling
Inserts, 2 items in total