Practical “Hands-on” Training with Real Demonstration

Training programs are categorized into several kinds of courses, the introductory course for metal cutting beginners, the advanced & intermediate course for high-level employees and the seminar events for new product introduction as well as the online learning program for worldwide customers.

All education materials and course programs are designed from "customers' perspective" and consist of 3 hands-on concepts, "LOOK" , "LISTEN" and "TOUCH" . The uniquely organized trainings and seminars help participants discover the joy of crafting and have received high reputation from them.


Our e-learning program offers a wide variety of learning courses associated with turning, milling, drilling and work & tool material, which are available on PC and other tablet devices.
Please access e-learning (Expert Program) in detail.

【Regional Seminar】

Regional seminars are conducted through nationwide in Japan and covers a wide variety of topics in machining, such as machining technology seminars and the most advanced cutting technology etc.

【Requested Seminar】

On-site seminars are available to meet customers' requests. We also broadcast live demonstrations from machining technology center.

【Training Program for Sales Distributors and Representatives】 Free of Charge

We also conduct training programs for sales staffs of distributors and representatives, such as "Cutting tools and Machining" "Work and cutting tool materials" "Basic of cutting" as well of showing demonstration.

Course Contents Term (day)
Starting Course, STEP1 Type of cutting and machines, work materials and basic knowledge of cutting tools 1 or 2
Starting Course, STEP2 Selecting tools actually from catalog and acquiring ability to calculate cutting conditions 2
Advanced Course, Turning / Milling Selecting most suitable tools and acquiring ability to propose tooling system watching drawing from customers 1 or 2

Please contact the nearest sales office for details.