SMART MIRACLE end mill series: Addition of VQ2XLB, VQFDRB,VQHVRB for machining of difficult-to-cut materials

  The use of (Al, Cr)N coating has been highly rated by many customers because it reduces cutting resistance, greatly improves wear resistance and improves chip disposal. This results in higher machining efficiency and longer tool life in the machining of titanium and heat-resistant alloys.

  Mitsubishi Materials is expanding its range of end mills for machining titanium, cobalt chromium and heat-resistant alloys that are commonly used in aircraft components and for medical equipment parts.

Main feature of VQ2XLB, VQFDRB, VQHVRB:

1. The unique (Al, Cr)N coating and the use of special cemented carbide substrate tailored to the type of machining results in improved wear and chipping resistance and provides a stable tool life.

2. Adopting a unique cutting edge shape that corresponds to the wear characteristics and machining methods of difficult-to-cut materials helps to improve chipping resistance and realizes stable, high-efficiency machining.

Product name Product name: SMART MIRACLE End Mill Series for Difficult-to-Cut Materials
VQ2XLB : Long Neck Ball Nose End Mills
     Φ1mm-Φ3mm 14Items
VQFDRB : Duplex Radius End Mills
     Φ3mm-Φ6mm 5Items
VQHVRB: Vibration Control Corner Radius End Mills for high efficiency machining
     Φ1mm-Φ4mm 8Items

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