Series Expansion – New Cutter Bodies for Deep Machining Added to the APX3000 Multi-functional Indexable Insert Cutter Series

During cutting off and grooving, when using machine tools such as CNC automatic lathes, problems such as chatter vibration, dimensional defects, or chipping due to the centre height being lowered during machining occur. To solve these problems MITSUBISHI MATERIALS adopted a design optimized for high precision machining of small items in the GY and for the GW Series in inch-size, 2.39mm (3/32). The GY Series has a highly reliable insert clamp design that can be easily mounted on any machine, and the GW Series allows easier removal and installation of inserts.

Main features:

1. Features a high insert clamping force and an optimized shape of the upper clamp bridge for better machining accuracy and longer tool life.

2. With the optimization of the shape of the lower clamp support, the deviation of the centre height during cutting is minimized due to a reduced machining load.

3. The GY Series holder suppresses deformation of the workpiece material shape by using a wider seating face on the insert.

4. Added to the GW series is a GS breaker with a low cutting resistance and a lead angle of 5°, together with a strong lead angle of 8°.

5. The overhang length has been reviewed and expanded, giving an increased range of machining diameters to accommodate the installation requirements of machine tool manufacturers, thereby enabling optimal tooling support.

Product name Holder for High Precision Machining of Small Tools
GY Holder 52 items GW Holder 37 items GW-GS Breaker Insert 12 items


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