New items added to the cermet grade MX3030 for milling

The MX3030 grade has higher thermal conductivity than the conventional NX4545 cermet grade. This provides greater resistance to thermal cracking and chipping that occurs during cutting, making it possible to maintain excellent surface finishes. It also has excellent toughness, which improves machining efficiency especially at large depths of cut.

In addition to the inserts for the conventional WSX445 cutter, 17 more items will be added to improve the application area by expanding the grade for use on other types of milling cutters.

Main features of the MX3030 a cermet grade for milling are as follows

  1. Specialized alloying of the metal bonding phase greatly improves fracture resistance.
  2. Maintains wear resistance with a hard titanium compound phase.
  3. Cermet has low reactivity with iron, provides excellent thermal stability and increased resistance to oxidization.
Product Name MX3030 cermet grade for milling, 17 items in total
(Compatible cutters: ASX445/ASX400/OCTACUT/BRP/CESP, SFSP, CGSP/BAP300/BAP400, SRM2)
Release Date April 1, 2024