Coated Carbide Grade for Milling - MV1000 Series MV1020 and MV1030

The MV1000 series utilizes the (Al, Ti) N coating that combines a high Al content ratio and provides toughness with a newly developed Al-Rich technology to significantly improve oxidation resistance and achieve extremely high wear resistance.

Featuring improved wear and thermal shock resistance, the MV1020 grade is suitable for machining steels and ductile cast iron with improved stability at higher speeds to significantly reduce cycle times.

The MV1030 grade provides high performance without the risk of sudden tool breakage, which has often been a problem, especially during interrupted face machining, wet machining and when cutting stainless steels.

Main features of the coated carbide grade for milling MV1020 and MV1030 are as follows

  1. A hardened (Al, Ti) N coating is used to obtain wear resistance with significantly improved oxidation resistance in addition to adding extreme hardness.
  2. Excellent thermal shock resistance provides improved stability during wet machining where thermal cracking can occur more easily.
  3. MV1020 is optimal for mild, carbon and alloy steel and also for precipitation hardening and ductile cast iron.
  4. MV1030 has improved fracture resistance making it optimal for interrupted face milling and when cutting stainless steels.
Product Name Coated carbide grades for milling MV1020, MV1030, a total of 67 items
(For the following cutters: WWX400 / WSX445 / WJX / WSF406W / VPX200 / VPX300 / AHX440S / AHX475S / ASX445 / ASX400)
Release Date April 1, 2024