Release of the MC5100 Series of CVD Coated Carbide Grades for Cast Iron Turning

The MC5100 series is a series of CVD coated carbide grades that supports a wide range of machining needs. There is a grade with high wear resistance which is ideal for high speed machining of grey cast iron, and also an ideal choice of grade with excellent fracture resistance for heavy interrupted machining of ductile cast iron.

The new MC5105 exhibits outstanding wear resistance during high speed cutting of gray cast iron at speeds up to 1000 m/min. Whilst the MC5115 grade suppresses abnormal cutting edge damage during ductile cast iron turning and achieves both excellent wear and fracture resistance. Last but not least in this 3 grade lineup, MC5125 demonstrates excellent fracture resistance during heavy interrupted cutting of high-strength ductile cast iron.

Key features of the MC5100 series for cast iron turning:

  1. All three grades use “Super” nano-texture technology to achieve the industry’s highest level of crystal orientation control of the Al₂O₃ coating layer.
  2. MC5105 exhibits outstanding wear resistance with a top layer of the thickest coating, combined with a high hardness carbide base material.
  3. MC5115 achieves excellent durability with the Al₂O₃ layer that displays excellent abrasion resistance and also features a new adhesion layer that has improved resistance to peeling.
  4. MC5125 has excellent stability due to the microstructure of the intermediate layer that is highly suitable for ductile cast iron. Additionally, this grade features a TiCN layer that is ideal for dealing with heavy interrupted cutting.
Product name Coated Carbide Grade MC5100 Series for Cast Iron Turning
MC5105, MC5115, MC5125  Total: 515 items
Release date October 12th, 2022 *MC5125 is scheduled to be release in January 2023.