PVD Coated Grade MP9025 and an Accurate M-Class 3D Chipbreaker Added to the MMT Threading Insert Series

The MMT threading series comprises indexable inserts and tool holders that meet a wide variety of threading applications.

Mitsubishi Materials is pleased to announce the expansion of the MMT series with MP9025, a PVD coated carbide grade, and an AG type, precision M-class 3D chipbreaker type.
The grades MP9025 and VP20RT have been added to the existing insert types. 

Main features of the PVD coated carbide grade MP9025 and AG type, M-class precision 3D chipbreaker

  1. The MP9025 grade uses “aluminum rich technology” that has an increased Al content to improve film hardness and stabilize high-hardness phases in the coating, thereby improving crater wear and adhesion resistance.
  2. The AG type is for general purpose 60°/55° threading, and supports a wide range of threads per inch 48-8, and pitches of 0.5 to 3.0 mm. The precision M-class 3D chipbreaker improves chip control and also contributes to cost reductions. 
Product Name PVD Coated Carbide Grade MP9025 for machining difficult-to-cut materials, and AG Type Precision M-Class 3D Chipbreaker
AG Type: MP9025 4 items, VP20RT 4 items, VP15TF 4 items
Other than AG Type: MP9025 45 items, VP20RT 31 items
Total: 88 items
Release Date October 2nd, 2023