Function of Tool Features for Face Milling


Cutting Edge Run-out Accuracy


Cutting edge run-out accuracy of indexable inserts on the cutter body greatly affects the surface finish and tool life.

Improve Finished Surface Roughness

Since Mitsubishi Materials' normal sub cutting edge width is 1.4mm, and the sub cutting edges are set parallel to the face of a milling cutter, theoretically the finished surface accuracy should be maintained even if run-out accuracy is low.

  • Replace one or two normal inserts with wiper inserts.
  • Wiper inserts be set to protrude by 0.03 - 0.1mm from the standard inserts.
    *1. Value depends on the cutting edge and insert combination.

How to Set a Wiper Insert

  • Sub cutting edge length has to be longer than the feed per revolution.
    * Too long sub cutting edge causes chattering.

  • When the cutter diameter is large and feed per revolution is longer than the sub cutting edge of the wiper insert, use two or three wiper inserts.

  • When using more than 1 wiper inserts, eliminate run-out of wiper inserts.

  • Use a high hardness grade (high wear resistance) for wiper inserts.