BR Breaker for High Depths of Cut has Been Added to the BC8220 Coated CBN Grade for Turning High Hardness Steel

Chipping due to impact and crater wear tends to increase during turning of high hardness steels. The new BC8220 uses a TIAIN coating which has excellent wear resistance and has an ultra-micro particle multi-layer structure which suppresses cracks from developing. This enables stable machining over a wide range of applications.

The BR breaker was developed to provide an advantage with an improvement of chip control during high depth of cut machining. By improving the chip control, the number of passes needed is reduced, thereby creating a higher machining efficiency.

Main features of the BR Breaker

1. The BR Breaker’s positive rake angle and breaker wall is highly effective at breaking chips.

2. Multi-stage breaker wall supports a wide range of cutting depths.

3. The combination of the newly developed AlCrSiN coating which absorbs impacts, and the TiAlSiN coating with excellent wear resistance, enables a stable tool life during continuous to light intermittent cutting.

4. By using the ultra-micro binder in the CBN base material, the growth of cracks is suppressed and sudden fractures are prevented.

5. The heat resistant binder reduces the progress of crater wear and suppresses chipping.

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