Release of BC8210, a New Coated CBN Grade for Turning Hardened Steel

The new BC8210 coated CBN grade for turning hardened steel is suitable for continuous and light interrupted cutting. BC8210 achieves long tool life due to its high wear and fracture resistance, thus providing a stable machining process during high speed cutting.

Large crater wear during turning of high hardened steel is a regular problem and may cause edge chipping. The new BC8210 exhibits excellent flank and crater wear resistance and together with increased chipping resistance provides a more stable machining process.

Main features of BC8210

1. The combination of the newly developed AlCrSiN-base coating that absorbs machining impacts, with the TiAlSiN-base coating, which has excellent wear resistance, provides stable wear resistance in continuous through to low interrupted cutting conditions.

2. By dispersing a new ultra micro-particle and heat resistant binder onto the CBN base, both chipping and crater wear are suppressed which promotes a longer tool life.

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