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Para tornos automáticos tipo Suíço

MP2ES/3ES/4EC - MS plus

Enhanced Burr Reduction and Fracture Resistance to Solve Typical Swiss Lathe Machining Problems


Provides Stable Machining and Resists Edge Chipping Even when Overused


(Al, Ti, Cr)N Multilayer Coating (MS plus)

Original coating technology can create multi-layers of (Al, Ti)N and Al,Cr)N.
This enables successful machining of a wider range of workpiece materials.

Cutting Performance

Comparison of Fracture Resistance - Machining SUS304

A round stainless steel bar is machined effectively due to the tough cemented carbide substrate and the gashed land providing improved fracture resistance.

Cutting Performance

Comparison of Burr Generation - Machining SUS304

The optimised cutting edge shape suppresses the occurrence of burrs.

Comparison of Surface Finishes - Machining SUS304

The surface finish is greatly improved due to the improved chatter resistance.

End Mill Selection for Use on Swiss Type Lathes

1. Select the appropriate number of flutes according to the application

2. Selection of Tools Other Than Dedicated Small Swiss Types

End mills with an overall length (LF=50 mm or less) can also be used. Select the tool according to the application and workpiece material.