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Fresa de alto avanço com inserto bifacial


Sharpness with Stability for High Efficiency Machining

Reliable Milling Cutter even in High Efficiency Machining

Provides excellent sharpness and tool life as well as reducing cutting noise.
The WJX series was developed for reliability and economy even during high efficiency machining.

Unconventional Cutting Edge Design for Stable Milling

Highly-reliable Clamping System

The dovetail structure prevents the insert from floating and gives stable clamping without using a clamp bridge.

Complex Shape Flank Face Suitable for Ramping

The flank shape combines the strength and economy of negative inserts, with the sharpness and multifunctionality of positive inserts.

Different Types of Milling Cover a Wide Variety of Situations

1. Ramping / 2. Shoulder Milling / 3. Pocket Milling / 4. Helical Milling / 5. Face Milling


High Strength Insert with Increased Insert Thickness

Increased thickness prevents the inserts from fracturing and makes the cutter body resistant to breakage.


Good Chip Formation

The cutting edge forms short chips that prevent the cutter body from chip jamming and tangling as well as allowing for easy cleaning inside of machine tools.

Using the WJX

Machine tools to be used

The conditions for cutting at high feed will depend on the rigidity and output of the machine tools to be used.
Please adjust the cutting conditions accordingly (refer to the table of recommended cutting conditions).
Select a WJX series according to the figure below.

Using the WJX

Multiple Cutting Edges and Multi-functionality

The WJX has achieved an excellent balance between cutting edge count and maximum ramping angle,making multi-functionality and high-efficiency cutting possible.
Multiple Cutting Edges and Multi-functionality


MP6100 / MP7100 / MP9100 Series

PVD Coated Grade for Milling

TOUGH-Σ Technology

A fusion of the separate coating technologies; PVD and multi-layering provides extra toughness.


Stable machining properties are enabled when the coating is combined with a high wear and fracture resistant carbide substrate.


Ideal for heavy interrupted cutting of stainless and general steels because of the excellent fracture resistance properties.


CVD Coated Grade for Milling of Steels and Stainless Steels

MC7020 suppresses crater wear which occurs in high speed cutting, and achieves stable processing in high efficiency machining.

Cutting Performance

AISI 4140 Wear Resistance Comparison

MC7020 has excellent crater wear resistance in high speed cutting.

Cutting Performance